Group Dental Insurance
Group Dental Insurance is a valuable Employee Benefit that can be offered to employees on a pre-tax basis.
The premiums and benefits are usually better with a group dental plan compared to an Individual Dental plan.

There are many things to consider when offering a group Dental plan and the Brokers / Agents at Benefits Analysis Corporation can help you make the best decision!

Below are things to consider when selecting a Group Dental plan:


Selecting the right Network is very important when selecting a Dental plan because it determines what dentists your employees can use.  There are differences between networks even in neighboring counties!  There are 2 main types of Dental Networks:
  • PPO: A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is a type of Dental Network that allows employees to use In-Network Dentists or Out-of-Network.  An Employee will typically pay less if they use an In-Network Dentist.  These are the most common types of Dental plans.
  • HMO: A Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) requires Employees to use an In-Network Dentist to receive benefits of the Dental plan.  The HMO networks are typically smaller and more limited than a PPO.  However, the premiums are usually less.

Most Insurance Companies that offer Dental plans have developed their own network. So, not all PPO or HMO plans are alike.


The Premium is the monthly cost of your Dental plan.  Employers can either pay the entire premium for the employee, pay part of the premium, or in some instances not pay any (employee-paid / voluntary).  Insurance companies are very competitive with each other so it's important to get quotes from multiple carriers to get the most affordable Dental Premium.  The Brokers at Benefits Analysis Corporation can shop all the major Dental carriers in Ohio and Kentucky to find you the most affordable plan.


Many Group Dental plans have very similar benefits. The Co-Pays, Deductible and Contract Maximum can usually be customized based on what you want to offer.  The plans with better benefits have higher premiums.  When our brokers quote multiple insurance companies we can usually get similar benefit options to make it easy to compare apples-to-apples.

Providing Dental Benefits to Employees is a great way to attract and retain valuable employees.  Please contact one of the brokers / agents at Benefits Analysis Corporation to learn more about Group Dental Insurance in Troy, Ohio, Dayton, Ohio or all of Ohio and Kentucky!


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